Monday, September 29, 2014

So Lolita: Product Review

Hey there Killjoys!
Today's review is from the clothing, wig, and accessories store, So Lolita.
Today I'll be reviewing a wig from So Lolita. At first I was really confused because the wig I ordered was a dark red/mixed wig. The item I received in the mail was a pink mixed wig. It didn't come with an order form or anything saying it was from So Lolita. It was just the wig, wig cap, and a "Coser Wig" business card. Also, I was told that I would receive accessories or some type of jewelry to go along with my review, which I did not receive.
I emailed So Lolita and they quickly responded and apologized. Because I am reviewing this as a sponsored blogger, I'm not sending it back. I am just going to give an honest review on the product and was told my red wig would come with my next order.
So without further adieu, I bring you the Dream Girls Curl Sweet Roleplay Lolita Wig! I will say, So Lolita is just as expensive as other high quality wig shops like Gothic Lolita or Arda Wigs. This wig runs about $44, but is very high quality.
It feels and looks like real hair, the color is gorgeous (I'm still not sure what to call it. There's clearly pink, but I can't tell if it's like a silver/purple/brown/ash kind of color mixed in lol), and I've had very little to no fallout when I brush it. It is heat resistant which means I can straighten the wig.
I didn't have to trim the bangs or anything, and I've been able to style it in a ton of ways from side-swept bang to pigtails to buns. The hair on the cap is really thick, making the cap not visible.
Even though SoLolita sent me the wrong wig, I would recommend them. Their quality is amazing based off of just the wig I received. Their customer service was also very nice. I'm sure if someone actually ordered something and it wasn't just a sponsorship, they would probably send a new wig out or at least send a return slip and exchange the wig.

And in case anyone wanted to know what wig I initially ordered, here's a photo:
There's also a video review for SoLolita on my YouTube as well.
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xo Jeanne

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