Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Uniqso Circle Lens: Product Review

Today’s product review is for Uniqso’s Circle Lens!

Uniqso is an online store that sells circle lenses, colored contacts, wigs, and other skin products.

Uniqso circle lenses are also super affordable. The site also offers multiple promotions and even cosplay/make-up tutorials.

The pair I will be reviewing today is called I.Fairy Tofi Grey
They are 16.2 mm, have 55% water content, have an 8.6mm base curve, and are good for 1 year.
They are available in various prescriptions. (I opted for no prescription.)

 Uniqso was very quick to answer emails and ship everything out. They also sent me a tracking number so I knew exactly when my lenses would be shipping out. They arrived in less than 2 weeks.

They came in this cute little box! Inside were the lenses in their individual vials and the lens case.

 These lenses are bigger than my other pair of circle lenses at a whopping 16.2 mm . I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous that these would be too big for my eyes to handle and would be really uncomfortable.

  I let the contacts soak in the solution for a few hours before putting them in. I was happily surprised to find out that these lenses are not only super comfortable, but I adjusted to them very quickly. I can’t even tell that they’re in my eyes. I can’t feel or see them on my eyes.

The color is also vibrant, yet realistic on my natural dark brown eyes. I’m always worried that colored lenses won’t turn up the color I want on my eyes, but these came out vibrant, yet realistic.

These are obviously a lot larger than my natural eyes, and give me an anime look, but they aren't completely fake looking.

 I had originally got these for my Ruby (RWBY) cosplay. They are pretty perfect for the cosplay, but I love them so much I’ll be wearing them a lot more often.

Uniqso also gave me a coupon for my readers to use! So feel free to use Killjoy at checkout to receive 10% off you purchase!

If you guys have any questions/comments feel free to leave them below.

You can also find my video review on Uniqso HERE:

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Style Post #2

Time for another Daily Style Post!

This H.Naoto top has adjustable sides to make it go from tunic to fashion top. 

Usually in the colder weather I’ll loosen the draw stings and pair it with leggings, but because it was so nice out today, I pulled the strings all the way up and paired it with these Tripp shorts.

This is an older top, but I'm sure you can find something similar on their online store or stores like CDJapan or Tokyo Rebel.

The black platform shoes are by Y.R.U. that I got from Hot Topic.

 The beanie and wig are from various eBay purchases

The garter pieces are by Dark Sea Designs

 The necklace is from Tasty Peach Studios. I turned my cell phone charm into a necklace.

(Don't forget to use Killjoy01 to get 15% off your Tasty Peach Studios purchases until July 31st!)

The circle lenses are from Uniqso. They are I.Fairy Tofi Grey (and you can find my review on  these lenses on my blog HERE)

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tasty Peach Studios: Product Review

It’s time for a new product review! This one is for the US-based kawaii boutique called Tasty Peach Studios! There's even a limited-time coupon code at the end of this review!

Tasty Peach Studios has some of the cutest and most affordable Japanese-inspired accessories and products that I’ve seen in awhile. They have an online store as well as a booth at various conventions. I was super impressed to find out that only 2 people run the shop.

Let’s get right to the review, shall we?

My order was shipped and arrived in just a few days, and showed up exactly when they said it would!

The first product I received from Tasty Peach Studios was the Bento Octopus charm. This is such an adorable charm. Look at the little tentacles! It’s even blushing! It’s only $5 plus shipping, and there are dozens of equally adorable characters to choose from.

If your phone doesn’t have a piece to put the charm, Tasty Peach Studios also sells a charm plug in various colors that plugs right into an auxiliary outlet, which means you can attach the charm to phones, handheld game systems, or anything else with that outlet.

The second item I will be reviewing is the Inukii Lanyard. Inukii is their super cute fox character, who is on many of their products. The lanyard is perfect for attaching to my keys. The lanyard isn’t thick and bulky, but the images still look perfect. The lanyard features Inukii in several poses. The colors also reminded me of autumn (which is my favorite season), which is probably why I chose this one. This item was also $5


The final item from Tasty Peach Studios is this 6-pieceZombie Alpaca Button Set. I am an absolute sucker for buttons (especially when you can get all 6 of these for $5!). Each button has the zombie alpaca in a different pose and is the perfect combination of creepy and cute! The buttons are 40mm which is about a little more than an inch big. I have so many things that I put buttons on including my vest, bag, and now my new lanyard. I can’t wait to start accessorizing everything!

 Tasty Peach Studios also offers t-shirts, plushies, notebooks, and a ton of other Japanese-inspired accessories on their site. The range of characters they offer is insane! There were so many different characters to choose from. It was so hard to pick which ones I wanted. I definitely plan on getting more soon because I NEED THEM ALL!

What did you guys think of the items I received from TastyPeach Studios? Aren’t they the cutest!?

Everything listed here (with the exception of the cell phone plug) is only $5. Cheap, right!? Well, for one week only, my followers will get a 15% off discount by using the code Killjoy01

Use it while you can! That coupon is only good from (today) July 24th-July 31st!

To find more Tasty Peach Studios products, you can check out their site: HERE
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily Style Post #1

I'm pretty excited! This is my first Daily Style Post on the blog! I hope this blog motivates me to dress up more often. Because of training/wrestling/etc, I spend A LOT more time in workout clothes than clothes to go out and about in.

At one point in time (especially when I worked in retail), I dressed up more often and got to show off my personal style, which tends to be a mix of punk, visual kei, and nerdy pieces.

I figured the best first style post would be with my most recent online shopping haul. First off, as much as I love buying name-brand Japanese clothing, it IS expensive, so I tend to fill my closet with lots of cute and inexpensive pieces for my closet. I am a HUGE advocate for buying cute, no-name, inexpensive clothing off of eBay and small online shops.

Though at times, I can be a bit of a name-brand snob, I also will buy knock-offs because well, to be honest, I find them cute and if I can get basically the same exact item for 1/4 of the name-brand cost, I will.

I wanted my first Daily Style post to be simple until I'm fully in the swing of this whole blog thing. I normally do links, but with eBay, I won't because they change so quickly, but I'll let you know how to search for it!

Looking at this outfit, you might be thinking "my poor wallet can't afford this!"

This game-boy style dress that most of you might recognize from Black Milk Clothing usually runs about $100. However, I found this dress in multiple colors on eBay for $12. For that price, I couldn't pass it up and ended up buying it in pink and teal. The downfall? The dresses are One Size Fits All...and let me tell you, one size does NOT fit all.

I'm pretty petite. About 5'1, 100lbs. This dress was really baggy and not a body-con dress like I hoped. However, about 30 minutes with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine made it fit PERFECTLY, so if you're tiny and don't mind a little DIY, I highly recommend searching for one of these bad boys on eBay. Search for "gameboy dress"

The spikey headband was also from eBay for about $5 after shipping. It's really comfortable and was on an elastic band as opposed to a hard headband. For this, I just searched for "spiked headband"

The necklace surprisingly cost more than the dress and headband combined. It's a Sexpot Revenge chain in hot pink based off of the anime Nana. I managed to find this one on CDjapan, but I believe Tokyo Rebel has them as well.

Last, but certainly not least are these Y.R.U. platform sneakers in black. While there are knock-offs for these, I happened to find these on Hot Topic's website while they were having a 20% off sale plus my 10% off coupon I had from them, which made these usually priced $100+ shoes around $60 after shipping. I noticed that while most stores have these shoes for $100-150, Hot Topic had them for about $80. I did find these slightly used on ebay for around $40-60, but didn't mind spending a few extra dollars for them brand new.

I love love LOVE platform shoes. This probably stems from my height only being 5'1, but they also remind me of the Spice Girls...paired with this dress, maybe I could be Nerdy Spice? Eh? Eh? No? Okay...

Feel free to ask any questions if you have them! Don't forget, you can always find me on FB and YouTube!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pinky Paradise Circle Lens: Product Review

Awhile back I did a video review on my YouTube for PinkyParadise Circle Lenses. So today I wanted to make a review for this page!

Pinky Paradise is the largest circle lens store out there, and they definitely don’t disappoint! Their website is easy to navigate as you can navigate it by color, size, brand, effect, prescription, and more. They are also really affordable, especially for the amazing quality they sell.

These were the very first pair of circle lenses I’ve ever owned. In the past I have worn colored contacts for various cosplays, but never circle lenses. The variety that Pinky Paradise offers is amazing, but it took me forever to decide on what pair I wanted to get. After deciding on what color I wanted (I wanted to get pink because I had a few cosplays coming up that needed pink lenses and I’ve also never owned a pair of pink lenses before), I started pulling up different brands and styles of pink lenses.

 A great feature is that almost all of the lenses have reviews and customer photos to show what the lenses looked like. I was really looking for a color that would pop on my dark brown eyes.

I finally decided on the Vassen Lollipop Pink circle lenses. The customer photos really seemed to show up well on darker eyes, and since it was my first pair of circle lenses, I was happy that they were a smaller diameter of 14.5 mm as opposed to a 15 or 16 mm lens.

I also opted to leave the prescription blank even though I do wear glasses. I’ve never owned prescription contacts before so I didn’t want to learn to adjust to both circle lenses AND prescription contacts.

 The order came in sooner than the expected delivery date, and came with this free contact lens case. Look at that cute little fishy!

I opened the lenses as soon as they arrived, cleaned them, and let them soak in the contact solution overnight (they recommend 8 hours).

I was ready to put in my circle lenses for the first time! They were much easier to put in my eye than I expected, and I had little to no trouble putting them in. I immediately saw the size difference, and the color popped exactly how I wanted it to.

What I really loved about the Vassen Lollipop series is that they have flecks of yellow in the color, which mixed really well with my natural color. Though, the pink is clearly not a natural color, it did remind me of an anime eye color without looking too monotone.

Once I had the second lens in, I gave my eyes a few minutes to adjust. I’m not going to lie, the first time I put them in my eyes, my eyes needed those few minutes to adjust. As soon as my eyes adjusted, I wore them for the remainder of the day and even forgot they were in my eyes until I got home. They were really comfortable once my eyes got used to them. Since then, I’ve worn them several times for entire days and con weekends.

Unlike other lenses I own, the pair from Pinky Paradise didn’t obscure my vision or move around my eye throughout the day. It was like they weren’t even there.

I highly recommend Pinky Paradise if you’re looking for circle lenses for cosplay, lolita, or just day to day wear. Their selection is beyond any other site I’ve seen, and they offer lots of deals, accessories, and more on their site.

Ibuki Mioda cosplay from DanganRonpa2
Ibuki Mioda cosplay from DanganRonpa2

Feel free to ask any questions!

Here’s the video review I did a few weeks ago: