Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CosplayFU: Product Review

Hey there Killjoys!

Today I'm bringing you a cosplay review from the company Cosplay For You aka CosplayFU.
First things first, CosplayFU made both cosplays custom-tailored, completed, sent, and arrived within 3 weeks. They also included a tracking number, which is always a plus for impatient people like myself who wait at the mailbox every morning when they know something is on it's way lol.
I opened my package, which included 1 large plastic bag that contained two smaller plastic bags, meaning both costumes were separately packaged. Each bag had a sticker on it that displayed the product name, size, and items inside of the bag.
 I'm not going to lie, I have really mixed feelings about the items I received.
The first cosplay, and easily my favorite of the two, is Blake Belladonna from RWBY.
It came with the vest, top, shorts, leg pieces, glove, and arm wrap. Everything fit perfectly. The only adjustments I'll have to make is hem the shorts a bit more because I personally want them shorter, and the vest is a bit long where the neck pieces attach so I might adjust those as well. Other than that, everything looks great. I thought the leg pieces would be tights, but I'm happy with what I received. I'll probably wear black leggings underneath to ensure that the thigh highs don't show an end.
Overall, I'm really happy with how Blake is and I give it 8 out of 10.
The next costume I received was Kyoko from Danganronpa. It came with the skirt, button up shirt, tie, and jacket.
There were several costume options for Kyoko. One was a leather jacket, one was a blazer. I went with the blazer. The jacket looked like a light purple in the original photo but the customer photos were all the accurate purple, so I figured it was either my screen that was the problem or if they sent me the light purple, I would just dye it. Well...the jacket came in red. Like...RED red. I can't dye this at all. It fits, but doesn't fit like a blazer. It fits more like a uniform jacket. When I went back to double check the page I saw "color may differ from photo" and "if you would like a different color jacket, please include in notes". I could have missed that when I made the order, but I really don't remember that being there.
The skirt, however, is perfect. Perfect color, perfect length, perfect fit. The button up top it came with also fits perfect. The tie came in orange, and it's supposed to be red. I will give them a point for making it the right square shape and adding the logo. I'd probably give Kyoko a 2 or 3 out of 10
Overall, although the costume fit really well, I'm unhappy with it because of the jacket. I could have made/re-used other cosplay pieces to make this. The only thing missing for me was the jacket. I haven't contacted Cosplay FU yet, so when I do, I'll be sure to add an update to this.

It's hard to say whether or not I would recommend Cosplay FU. Based off of Blake, I'd say absolutely. However, based of off Kyoko, I'd say no. I guess just be careful with what you order, and see if there are customer reviews/photos to base your order off of.

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