Wednesday, October 15, 2014

OASAP Product Review: Fall and Halloween Haul

Hey there Killjoys!

Today I'm showing you the items I received from my latest OASAP haul. I wanted to keep with the Halloween/fall theme, which you'll see in the items I selected. Everything you see was under $65 after shipping. Totally a steal in my opinion.
First up is this Skeleton Sweater. It's super soft. It's a bit thin, but still warm. It's also a little baggy, which is fine for me since I love baggy clothes! Probably one of my favorite items of this haul, and the item I get the most compliments on.
Next is this Rad Crop Top Sweater. I do like it, though it fits me a bit weird. It's too long on me to be a crop top and the material and cut of it reminds me of a hockey jersey. I feel like I'd have to tie it up in the back to wear it out, but I do like it. I think it's comfortable and cute. It also comes in white!
I also ordered this Red Skirt, which is high-waisted and comes in a variety of colors. It's really comfortable and flowy. It's also not see-through and seems to be really well made. I'm petite, so I'm glad to see that this wasn't too long or too short on me.
I figured I couldn't go wrong with a new pair of Black Over the Knee Socks. They are also available in grey. They are really comfortable, however they aren't very stretchy and although they fit my legs fine with some room, they might not fit everyone. They do come right above my knee, so if you're a taller girl, they might be under the knee.
Finally, I ordered these Brown/Red Ombre Hair Extensions. I LOVE THEM. This is all from one track. Its a one-track 6-clip extension that came in about 10 or so colors. I ordered the wine red ones. Although they are a bit more pink than red, I love them and they blend perfectly with my natural hair color. They are heat resistant and look and feel real.
 Overall, I have no real complaints. As always, OASAP has provided good clothing at a reasonable cost. They also sent out a tracking number once everything was shipped. I definitely recommend them, especially if you shop on a budget.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. You can also see a video review on my YouTube:
xo Jeanne

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